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Prerequisite: White Belt


TGL Training offers the Lean Yellow Belt Certification training to introduce the participants to the five major tools in the Lean process that are commonly used during the Lean deployment, including 5S Workplace Organization, Achieving Flow, Kanban Pull, Mistake Proofing, andVisual Management.


After the completion of the training, the attendees will be equipped with the knowledge of the most valuable Lean tools and their workings, and better understand the underlying concepts behind the Lean methodology. This gives them the opportunity to proactively engage in, and aid the Lean improvements in their business. This training also grooms them for the next level—the Lean Green Belt Certification Training

Learning Objectives

The training is divided into five modules that cover each individual tool, allowing the attendees to understand the tool and its specific use in their industry. Here is a brief outline of the individual tools:

  • Mistake Proofing

    In any business, mistakes can amount to a huge sum in the depletion of resources. This tool provides an excellent source of identification of the key sources of error and outlines the methods, mechanisms and devices to remedy them.

  • 5S Workplace Organization

    The Lean tool may be simple, but is quite effective. It is comprised of a set of techniques that help you improve visual communication, foster a better workplace organization and remove the waste from the work environment.

  • Achieving Flow

    With a good flow in the work environment, the operating costs and the lead times will be substantially reduced. As a result, the quality of the work will increase and your clients will receive a better service, improving your customer retention.

  • Visual Management

    This is the simplest, often overlooked tool in the Lean management systems. Using this tool the right way will help you create a cohesive work environment, with workers having a complete picture of the system and any error can be alerted quickly, leading to a better management of mistakes at the workplace that do occur.

  • Kanban Pull

    The pull system is the Lean technology mainly used to reduce the waste in the production process. The Kanban pull systems are greatly effective in this regard and can control the flow of resources effectively.

More Information

Why Choose Lean White Belt Certification Training?

Once you have completed the Lean White Training, you will now have an understanding of the direction that you should take to implement improvements in your organization. This course will teach you about the main tools that will help you achieve an optimum performance level. From tools that help you identify the weak points to those that help you set in place a cohesive work flow, this training will help you familiarize with them all.

Why Choose TGL Training?

With TGL Training, you can benefit from a training delivered by the top professionals in the industry. Our team will guide you through the five best tools and the implications of their implementation, and will help you understand how these tools fit in your specific industry.

For more details, reach out to us at (647) 800-1141 or send us a message here. We will be more than happy to answer your queries.