Lean - White Belt

Step into the world of lean principles and learn how to improve your organizational processes while increasing overall efficiency of the system

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Prerequisite: None


At TGL Training, we aim to empower businesses in all sectors to learn, implement and benefit from the Lean tools, principles, and practices. Our White Belt Certification training is the first step towards this goal. This course covers the basics of the Lean Principles that allow the attendees get a clear insight into the potential they can leverage for their company.


With the completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge to understand and support the Lean improvements in their company, as well as be trained to step up for the next, more advanced training—the Lean Yellow Belt Certification Training.

Learning Objectives

The participants will learn:

  • How to build enthusiasm within their team
  • The five Lean principles and their impact on the organization
  • The tools and concepts of Lean
  • The thought process of Lean
  • The importance of creating organizational enablers at the beginning

More Information

Why Choose Lean White Belt Certification Training?

The basic idea behind Lean is to maximize the value of the customer and minimize the wastage of resources. The thought processes, tools, practices, and focus points involved to get people from an organization to an efficient organization are outlined and taught in the Lean Certification Trainings. The Lean White Belt Certification Training serves as a stepping stone into the Lean principles and thought processes, which aims to create more value for the clients by eliminating any and all activities that go to waste. This course will help open the gateways to understanding of the process of improving the overall system level efficiency through Lean methodology in any type of business.

Why Choose TGL Training?

TGL Training is driven by this goal in mind: to provide professionals at all organizational levels the opportunity to benefit from being trained in a universally-recognized thought process that removes the silos within the company and helps businesspeople make and retain customers without wasting any of their resources on processes that don’t give effective results.  The veterans ate TGL Training have the experience and the expertise to guide you in the right direction. With our Lean White Belt, Lean Yellow Belt and Lean Green Belt certification trainings, your business can flourish without any hindrance from obstacles that bar your growth. 

Interested in learning more about improving your specific business processes? Call us at (647) 800-1141 or drop us a message here. Our friendly professionals will be happy to help you out.