Lean- Green Belt

Create Champions in Your Company with the Advanced Lean Training You Need

Time Span
For Training

Prerequisite: Yellow Belt


With the Lean White and Lean Yellow Belt Certifications setting the foundation for the training of advanced Lean training, the Green Certification by TGL Training completes the structure by providing a practical insight into the Lean methodology. This program is dedicated to teach participants the real-life application of the Lean concepts and principles.


With the completion of the training, the participants will be equipped with the practical knowledge of the key tactics and strategies to take their company to the next level by making continuous improvement a part of the company culture.

Learning Objectives

This course is centered on applying Lean methodologies within a Value Stream Transformation model, and the training certification will be provided once the attendees will be able to:

  • Provide a complete Value Stream Map including the following:
  • Current State Map
  • Future State Map
  • Implementation Plan
  • Value Stream Charter document to define scope of work and expectation
  • Create Kaizen Charters for each Kaizen as per the plan, including:
  • Completed Kaizens with the documented results
  • Achieve sustainable results
  • Communicate at all levels of the organization
  • Influence staff at all levels

More Information

Why Choose Lean White Belt Certification Training?

Lean Green Belt Certification Training is the grand finale of the three training courses that, combined, provides you an insight into the importance of the application of Lean concepts and principles in a company, knowledge and understanding of the various tools involved, and the ability to customize them for your unique business. With the team of professionals of TGL Training by your side, your transition through these stages will be seamless and hassle-free.

Why Choose TGL Training?

At TGL Training, the trainers employed have experience in multiple industries and can offer customized training as per your unique business needs. They will provide you hands-on consulting, facilitating you with the focused knowledge you need for your specific industry. Your company deserves the chance to take the lead in the industry and reach its fullest potential, and the Green Belt Certification training will provide you the chance to achieve that.

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