About Us

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Smart businesspeople are always on the lookout for various tools and techniques to streamline the performance of their company’s processes and improve their skills to better advance in their careers. This includes constant learning and taking relevant industry-specific courses that would help them achieve their goals. TGL Training aims to serve as a platform for these ambitious learners to train from the best in the industry and gain the knowledge necessary for them to excel at what they do, while empowering others on their way.

Our Approach

At TGL Training, we have earned the reputation of being a consulting and training leader in the industry by providing solutions that give measurable results to our clients. Our trainers have the expertise in numerous industries, and are capable of providing your team the personalize training they need. Our lean certifications provide the benchmark in Lean training and groom participants into a smart Lean-principles implementer.

Our Clients

Our client base includes a wide number of industries, from healthcare and education to manufacturing and government services sectors. This experience with different clients has equipped us with the expertise to guide you to optimize your resources and improve your service quality and productivity, and decrease the time-to-market.

Our Trainings

Here at TGL Training, our customers benefit from comprehensive and constructive Lean Certification Trainings. For convenience, these are divided into three courses based on the instruction level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), namely, Lean White Belt Certification Training, Lean Yellow Belt Certification Training and Lean Green Belt Certification Training.

Lean White Belt Certification Training

This one-day training covers the thought process in Lean and the basic principles involved in the methodology. With this training, participants will also learn how to instill enthusiasm within the workforce and create a healthy, productive culture. Click Here!

Lean Yellow Belt Certification Training

This course includes five modules, each of which covers an important tool in the Lean principles. Identify sources of error through Mistake Proofing, reduce waste in your production process via Kanban Pull, create a productive, cohesive work environment with Visual Management, foster an improved workplace organization through 5S Workplace Organization, and improve customer retention with Achieving Flow. Click Here!

Lean Green Belt Certification Training

This final training deals with the practical applications of Lean concepts and methodologies and their incorporation in real world scenarios. Every business is different, and the trainers will take your business’ unique requirements into account during the training, equipping you with the right tools you need for your industry. Click Here!